The Vertical Hour

The Vertical Hour

About the Play

Nadia, an ex-war correspondent turned Yale professor is meeting her boyfriend’s father, Oliver, for ther first time. Her boyfriend warns her that Oliver is a bit of a womanizer, and in total opposition to her feelings on the war in Iraq. When they meet the arguments fly back and forth, but Nadia does feel herself slowly becoming more and more intrigued with Oliver. More than just political ties are revealed as Oliver unveils more about his past, and why he’s living so far outside of London.

The Vertical Hour is produced by special arrangement with Concord Theatricals (Samuel French)

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David Hare has established a reputation for plays with a strong political message. In The Vertical Hour he remains true to form critiquing America’s intervention in Iraq. Hare also explores the relationship between the inner life and one’s external actions. Clearly he disagrees with Nadia when she announces that psychology is a load of rubbish. What is more, throughout the play Hare pursues a deeply personal question: what constitutes a fulfilled life? I cannot leave these notes without commenting on the casting. To direct a play such as this and to cast myself in a prominent role could be considered a curious form of narcissism. However, in my own defense, I would like to suggest that instead this reflects a dearth of angry old men, at least those still treading the boards of community theatre.
– Evan Llewellyn

Thank you for joining us for this more serious play. We, who work backstage, get as much pleasure as the actors out front in creating these worlds so different from our own everyday experience. Thanks to all involved in this thought provoking show! If you have a few spare hours, we’d love to have you come join us on the journey, or better still, become a member – and get our bi-monthly newsletter that keeps you up to date on upcoming auditions, shows and theatre news. Application forms and other information is available in the lobby. We look forward to sharing the magic of live theatre with you again very soon! – Glynnis Brassil

CastCrewProduction InfoAbout the Company
Character Played by
Oliver Evan Llewellyn
Nadia Louise Porter
Dutton Kurtis Maguire
Philip Brian Hoskins
Terri Camille Johnson
Director Evan Llewellyn
Co-Director Kim Gordon
Directing Consultant Paul Kloegman
Author David Hare
Production Managers Carolyn Coles, and Alison Precious
Stage Manager Shirley Helgason
Set Design Glynnis Brassil
Set Construction Evan Llewellyn, Gord Pope, and David Read
Set Painting Glynnis Brassil, Robin Hilliard, Carolyn Coles, and Jennifer Morabito
Set Artist Linda Sharp
Set Decoration and Furniture Carolyn Coles, Alison Precious, and Evan Llewellyn
Properties Solanges Santerre, Doreen Carlson, and Dianne Greenwood
Lighting Designer Simon Drake
Lighting Assistants Michael Morabito
Sound Designers Evan Llewellyn
Sound Coordinator Anne Marsh
Lighting and Sound Operator Sandy Branning, and Liz Whittaker
Costume Designer Linda Jackson
Costume Assistant Sharon Alexander
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh
Front-of-House Coordinator Leslie Whittaker
Box Office Fran Heaney
Opening Night Catering Rosemary Hundal
Photographer Gary Schwartz
Videographer Chris Wolfe
Original Performance Dates February 8 to 23, 2013
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Drama
Special Thanks To Park Royal Mall Community Services, Rona (Park & Tilford), Greenscapes,
Anne Marsh, Ron Precious, SMP Dramatic Society
Evan Llewellyn Director and Oliver – Evan has been involved with community theatre for a number of years, his most recent role at Hendry Hall being Mr. Hardcastle in She Stoops to Conquer, a play Evan co-directed. He previously directed Proof  for NVCP. Incidentally he also appeared as the father in the Deep Cove Stage production of this same play. Evan’s most recent directing venture was last season’s The Real Thing. He sincerely thanks the many wonderful, hard-working club members who have helped make this production possible.
Brian Hoskins Philip – Brian is thrilled to be back on stage at Hendry Hall, in his second NVCP production. Last season, Brian played Henry in The Real Thing, so The Vertical Hour is a reunion of sorts for Brian, Louise and Evan.  Over this past summer, Brian had a chance to fulfill a theatre dream when he performed in RENT with Fighting Chance Productions. Other credits include roles in The Mousetrap, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Grapes of Wrath, among many others. Perhaps his favourite production to date has been Evita, wherein Brian performed the role of a lifetime, Che Guevara.
Camille Johnson Terri – Camille is happy to be joining the cast of The Vertical Hour for another Hendry Hall performance!  A graduate of the Canadian College of Performing Arts, previous NVCP productions include Lock Up Your Daughters, Over The River and Through The Woods, and Checkout Girls.  Many thanks to the talented cast and crew, her parents and fiancé Nick for always supporting her endeavours!
Kurtis Maguire Dutton – This is Kurtis’s third outing with the outstanding North Vancouver Community Players; having already performed in their productions The Scared Flame in 2006, and The Woman in Black in 2011. In addition to appearing as eleven characters in six separate shows last year, he also booked his first commercial and his first “actor” role in the TV series FRINGE. As always Kurtis would like to thank his lady love Tasha for her unending support, and also extend a most heartfelt salute to his fellow cast and crew for attacking this complex character drama. “Let us all walk away from it well entertained, and just a little bit wiser about the world we live in.”
Louise Porter Nadia – Louise is thrilled to once again be treading the boards with this wonderful group at Hendry Hall. Recent credits include Annie in Tom Stoppard’s The Real Thing (North Vancouver Community Players), Elvira in Noel Coward’s Blithe Spirit (First Impressions Theatre) and Catherine in David Auburn’s Proof (Deep Cove Stage Society). Louise studied acting in Toronto at C.A.S.T. (Centre for Actors Study of Toronto), but has been performing in the theatre for more than 20 years. She would like to thank all of the cast and crew of The Vertical Hour, her dedicated and supportive friends for spending countless hours helping her learn her lines, and you the audience for supporting your local arts and culture.