The Murder Room

The Murder Room

About the Play

“Murder has never been this funny. A spoof of all crime thrillers… it is good clean mirth all the way. The quick, smart, extremely well timed dialogue of Jack Sharkey comes through loud and clear [with] never a dull moment.” – Times

“There are secret chambers, secret panels and trap lids galore. They’re all operated by the most ridiculous contrivances and gloriously mucked up…A high, mad melodrama.” – Frank Harris

The Murder Room is produced by special arrangement with Concord Theatricals (Samuel French)

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My very first book report assignment for English class was The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie. I was only eleven years old but I was instantly hooked on mystery stories. Now, as an adult, when I read an old-fashioned mystery or watch a classic suspense film, I’m aware of the exaggerated acting, melodramatic music score and implausible plot twists. But those qualities just make the stories more endearing than ever. I was drawn to The Murder Room, not just because it spoofs those old chestnuts, but because it does so with joy and affection. We hope you have as much fun watching as we’ve had putting it together. – Peter Zednik

Thank you for joining us for this evening of Hallowe’en merriment! We who work backstage get as much pleasure as the actors out front, in creating these magical worlds. Thanks to all involved in this crazy show! If you have a few spare hours, we’d love to have you come join us on the journey, or better still, become a member – and get our monthly newsletter that keeps you up-to-date on upcoming auditions, shows and theatre news. Application forms and other information is available in the lobby. We look forward to sharing the magic of live theatre with you again very soon!. – Glynnis Brassil

CastCrewProduction InfoAbout the Company
Character Played by
Mavis Templeton Hollister Kim Gordon
Edgar Hollister Arthur Ward
Lottie Molloy Yvonne Arnason
Inspector James Crandall Clive Sanders
Constable Abel Howard Mitchell Mackay
Susan Hollister Mandana Namazi
Barry Draper Michael Morabito
Director Peter Zednik
Author Jack Sharkey
Production Manager Shirley Helgason
Stage Manager Kathleen Denkewalter
Set Design Mitchell Mackay
Set Construction Lead Clive Sanders
Set Construction David Read, Andrew Massil, Gordon Pope, and Barry Walker
Scenic Painting Lead Glynnis Brassil
Scenic Painting Jennifer Morabito, Michael Morabito, Mitchell Mackay,
Peter Zednik, and Nicole Curtis
Set Decorators Mitchell Mackay, Peter Zednik, and Clive Sanders
Properties Helen Dobric, Heather Macfarlane, Andrew Massil,
Liz Massil, and Mitchell Mackay
Lighting Designer Michael Methot
Musical Score Design Peter Zednik
Sound Effects Designer Nigel Barker
Lighting and Sound Operator Sandy Branning
Costume Designer Margaret Lee
Costume Assistant Sharon Alexander
Hair and Make-Up Anella Cusano
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh
Front-of-House Coordinator Maggie Kolodziej
Box Office Sue Worrow
Photographer Gary Schwartz
Videographer Chris Wolfe
Original Performance Dates October 19 to November 3, 2012
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 30 minutes
Production Style Farce, Mystery/Thriller
Special Thanks To Park Royal Mall, Rona (Park & Tilford), Alan Saucier, Meghan McGuinness,
Liz Whittaker, Once Upon a Time props and costume departments
Peter Zednik Director – Peter worked in theatre for 25 years as an actor, musician, musical director, choreographer and playwright. He also served as General Manager of Vancouver’s Green Thumb Theatre for 14 years, and served a term as President of the Professional Association of Canadian Theatres. For NVCP he has directed Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast, and was choreographer and musical director for Checkout Girls.
Yvonne Arnason Lottie Molloy – Yvonne appears at Hendry Hall once again in her favorite genre- comedy.  She was last seen here in the 2010 season in both Barbecue Blues and Death by Chocolate. Prior to that she had great fun as the Italian grandmother in Over the River and Through the Woods.  She has acted professionally on stage, in film and TV since university days.  Now she performs solely in community theatre where she has won assorted acting awards.
Kim Gordon Mavis Templeton Hollister – Kim is tickled to death to be back treading the boards at Hendry Hall where past credits include Death by Chocolate, Here on the Flight Path and Jack and the Jumping Beans. She wants to thank her frighteningly talented co-actors and crew, her friends and family for their undying support and Peter for giving her a callback and this wicked role. It has been such a howling good time! Thank you for supporting community theatre. Enjoy the show!.
Mitchell Mackay Constable Abel HowardThe Murder Room marks Mitchell’s fifth appearance on the stage at Hendry Hall, but the first time in pants. You may remember him as Dame Patty Potty in Beauty and the Beast or as the man-mad Widow Twankey in last year’s Aladdin. If that still doesn’t ring a bell look at his picture, squint up your eyes a bit and imagine him in a dress.
Michael Morabito Barry Draper – Michael has appeared in several comedies at NVCP over the years, including Lend Me a Tenor, Moon Over Buffalo and, recently this summer, the Sensational Sixtieth Showcase Cabaret. Many thanks to our Director Peter Zednik, Producer Shirley Helgason and all of the backstage crew, who do all of the important and hard work behind the scenes to make this show possible. Enjoy!.
Mandana Namazi Susan Hollister – Mandana is happy to return to the NVCP stage after a 5-year absence (she was last seen here as Anita Merendino in Wrong Turn at Lungfish). Recent credits include Catherine Donohue in These Shining Lives (Best Actress, North Shore Zone Festival 2012) and Meg Snyder in Leading Ladies (both with Deep Cove Stage Society), Suzy Hinchcliffe in Strictly Murder (Metro Theatre), Mrs. Zero in Adding Machine (the Musical) and a personal favourite Fosca in Passion (Applause! Musicals in Concert).
Clive Sanders Inspector James Crandall – It has been six years since Clive last trod the boards! Inspector James Crandall is a world away from his roles in NVCP’s ribald Lock Up Your Daughters at Presentation House Theatre in 2006. Since then, he’s directed The Trouble With Richard, Death by Chocolate and Anniversary, and hammered a few sets together. Thanks to a great cast and crew and for the nerve-wracking opportunity to be in front of an audience again!.
Arthur Ward Edgar Hollister – A veteran of the community theatre scene in Victoria, this is Arthur’s first appearance with NVCP, which shows you how far a man of a certain age will go for a good part. On the Island Arthur has appeared with Four Seasons Musical Theatre, St. Luke’s Players , The Victoria Operatic Society and Langham Court Theatre. Arthur would like to thank the cast and crew for all their help in Hendry Hall; those long ferry rides to rehearsal were certainly worth it.