The Kitchen Witches

Kitchen Witches

About the Play

Isobel Lomax and Dolly Biddle are two “mature” cable-access cooking show hostesses who have hated each other for thirty years, ever since Larry Biddle dated one and married the other. When circumstances put them together on a TV show called The Kitchen Witches, the insults are flung harder than the food! Dolly’s long-suffering TV-producer son, Stephen, tries to keep them on track, but as long as Dolly’s dressing room is one inch closer to the set than Isobel’s, it’s a losing battle, and the show becomes a ratings smash as Dolly and Isobel top both Martha Stewart and Jerry Springer!

The Kitchen Witches is produced by special arrangement with Concord Theatricals (Samuel French)

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The Kitchen Witches fell into my lap while on the Play Reading Committee last season and I liked it at once! It’s written by Canadian playwright Caroline Smith. It tickled my Carol Burnett and SCTV/SNL funny bone while telling a good story at the same time. Not being a fan of TV Reality of any kind, I delighted in the opportunity to poke fun at this genre of television show. Its sense of the absurd and the element of food also made for a delicious opportunity to explore different types of comedic styles which reminds us not to take life too seriously. The timing was perfect to jump in and direct for NVCP. It has been a while and I’m always thrilled to find how much I love creating a show. I have been blessed with a fabulous, funny, dedicated cast and a really creative, hardworking production team who have all made my job as director a joy! To quote a friend of mine “if it ain’t fun what’s the point?” Life is short so let’s take time to smell the roses and the cooking. Let’s celebrate what is most important in this big ‘ol life. Please sit back and join us on this zany high-spirited ride as we find out what’s real and what’s not!
– Jennifer Morabito

Welcome to our exciting new 2013/2014 season! We start off on a high note with this crazy in-
your-face comedy. The actors and director have had great fun with this one, if the amount of laughter coming out of rehearsal is anything to go by. Grateful thanks to all – the director, cast, and backstage crew – all volunteers who have contributed many hours to present you with this fine production. A limited number of Season Ticket packages are still available. Call 604-983-2633 to order, or fill in the form available in the lobby and drop it off at the Box Office. And any time you find yourself bored or lonely, we have ways to keep you busy and entertained. We love company! Thank you for your loyal support. You are the reason we keep doing this! – Glynnis Brassil

<b>Cast</b><b>Crew</b><b>Production Info</b><b>About the Company</b>
Character Played by
Robbie Natasha Guerra
Stephen Biddle Michael Morabito
Isobel Lomax Barb LaBounta
Dolly Biddle Pam Kearns
Director Jennifer Morabito
Author Caroline Smith
Production Manager Carolyn Coles
Stage Manager Shirley Helgason
Set Designer, Painter and Decorator Glynnis Brassil
Set Construction Gord Pope, Barry Walker, Andrew Massil, Clive Sanders, and Rob Clinton
Set Painter Robin Hilliard
Set Decorators — TV studio equipment Gary Schwartz, and Chris Wolfe
Set Decorators — Graphic designers Barb LaBounta, and Linda Sharp
Special Effects — Food designer Rosemary Hundale
Special Effects — Food creator Nancy Richer
Special Effects — Witch models creator Mitchell Mackay
Properties Doreen Carlson, Helen Dobric, and Heather Macfarlane
Lighting Designer Simon Drake
Lighting Assistants Michael Morabito
Sound Designers Anne Marsh
Lighting and Sound Operator Sandy Branning, Rob Thompson, and Peter Zednik
Costume Designer Linda Jackson
Costumes Seamstressr Sharon Alexander
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh
Front-of-House Coordinator Clive Sanders
Box Office Glynnis Brassil
Photographer Gary Schwartz
Videographer Chris Wolfe
Original Performance Dates September 6 to 21, 2013
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Comedy
Special Thanks To Park Royal Mall Community Services, Rona (Park & Tilford), Vagabond Players,
Laurie Sluchinski and Danielle Barnes (BooLaLa Premier Costume Boutique), Phyllis Clements,
Gary Schwartz (F11 Media), Chris Wolfe, Ryan Crocker, North Shore News, Kelly Avery,
Carl Craig and John McGie, (Sound Cloud 30), Andrea Newsom and her son Riley Sutton,
Bob McMillin, Colleen Lornie, Kristin Ames (Posy—flowers and gifts), Lindy Bertelsen
Jennifer Morabito Director – Jennifer is delighted to have had the opportunity to direct The Kitchen Witches. She is a graduate of The Presentation House Film and Theatre School and has enjoyed many years pursuing theatre both on stage and behind the scenes. Jennifer has been a member of NVCP since 1990. Directing credits include Jack And The Jumping Beans and Funny Money (NVCP), The Dresser and Romantic Comedy (Presentation House Theatre) and most recently A Woman Of No Importance (Two Gals Theatre Co). As an actor, favourite roles include Laura in The Glass Menagerie, Nerissa in The Merchant of Venice (both for Presentation House Theatre), Violet in Blithe Spirit (First Impressions Theatre) and Nan/Lina in Three Days of Rain (NVCP) which won Best Production at the Theatre BC North Shore Zone Festival of Plays in 2010. She would like to thank her Kitchen Witches’ production team for their kindness and dedication. To her wonderful cast: Her husband Michael for his constant love and for taking direction so well! To Pam, Barb and Natasha for being such class acts from start to finish. This production is dedicated to Jennifer’s parents who have always supported her creative endeavours and to you the audience for putting bums in seats and supporting local theatre. Cheers!
Natasha Guerra Robbie – Natasha is very pleased to be working at Hendry Hall with such a wonderful cast and crew! Hendry Hall has become a great part of Natasha’s life in the past three years beginning with pantomimes and now branching into other realms of theatre. As a performer Natasha is always ready to be a part of whatever needs to be done; and as the saying goes: “there are no small parts, only small actors.”
Pam Kearns Dolly Biddle – Pam is absolutely thrilled to have been cast as Dolly Biddle and to be returning to her first show with NVCP in over 10 years! After her early years in the theatre where she was fortunate enough to have performed in over 40 plays (including both classical and modern roles) – she took a long break to focus on her family. In recent years she has done a few short films and studied in Vancouver with Actors Foundry, Jeb Beach, and The Practical Set Workout. Look out world!
Barb LaBounta Isobel Lomax – Barb hails from New York City where favourite roles include Googie Gomez in The Ritz and Pegeen Mike in Playboy of the Western World, plus featured dance roles in Oklahoma and Mame. While living in Atlanta, highlights were Maggie in The Shadow Box and Jennie in Chapter Two. Barb made her NVCP debut as Sylvia in Checkout Girls, again presented at Kay Meek Studio Theatre by Theatre West Van. She sends a special shout out to a fabulous cast, crew and director for an awesome experience in The Kitchen Witches. Love and thanks to Henry, Wynne and Valerie for supporting her passion!
Michael Morabito Stephen Biddle – Michael has appeared in many NVCP productions over the years, including most recently Moon Over Buffalo and The Murder Room, and NVCP’s 60th Anniversary Cabaret last summer. It has been a pleasure working with such an exceptionally talented and funny group of gals in this show, including his wife Jennifer (the Director) whom he met almost 20 years ago here in Hendry Hall. Many thanks to all of our backstage crew who (as always) do all of the amazing important and hard work behind the scenes to make this production possible. Thank you for supporting the theatre, and enjoy the show!