The Business Of Murder

The Business of Murder

About the Play

This psychological thriller about revenge centers on the interlocking triangular relationship between Dee, a successful television playwright; Hallet, a detective superintendent; and Stone, a humorless, prissy man. Dee arrives at Stone’s flat, having accepted an invitation to discuss a script by Stone’s wife. She is rather surprised when Hallett, with whom she is having an affair, also arrives, apparently to investigate a matter concerning Stone’s son and his involvement with a drug ring. But where are wife and son? After many twists and turns, Stone’s intentions become clear as he slowly reveals the precise nature of the trio’s relationship: all three are very much concerned with the business of murder and the play culminates in another perpetration of the crime.

The Business Of Murder is produced by special arrangement with Concord Theatricals (Samuel French)

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We are told it takes a village to raise a child but believe me when I tell you it takes the entire community to create community theatre. I would like to thank my producer, stage manager, carpentry crew, paint crew, sound designer, lighting team, set designer, costume designer, amazing props team, publicity, box office, front of house and, of course, the booth operator without whom we would all be sitting in the dark. Oh, and did I mention my amazing cast! Thank you all for putting the “show business” in The Business of Murder. – Mitchell Mackay

Welcome to North Vancouver Community Players’ production of The Business of Murder. We always try to pick a thriller or mystery play for the Hallowe’en season and this one will not disappoint! We hope that you will leave Hendry Hall tonight having enjoyed a wonderful evening of live entertainment. If you would like to join into the fun on and off stage, please check out our website North Van Community Players under the section Volunteer. We would love to have you aboard! – Fran Heaney

<b>Cast</b><b>Crew</b><b>Production Info</b><b>About the Company</b>
Character Played by
John Hallett John Cousins
Mr. Stone Michael Morabito
Dee Redmond Clare Froud
Director Mitchell Mackay
Production Manager Shirley Helgason
Author Richard Harris
Stage Manager Kathleen Denkewalter
Assistant Stage Manager Shirley Helgason
Fight Choreographer John Cousins
Set Designer Clive Sanders
Set Construction Clive Sanders, Martin Smith, Bob Martin, and Geoff Vickery
Set Decorator Mitchell Mackay
Set Painters Linda Sharp, Glynnis Brassil, Robin Hilliard, Fran Crossley, Sharon Lisette, and Carole Burdett
Properties Carolyn Coles, Solanges Santerre, and Val Mason
Lighting Designer Bill Howorth, and Cara Jacobsen
Sound Designers Peter Zednik
Lighting and Sound Operator Amanda Froud
Costumes Mitchell Mackay, and Alison Sawers
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh, and Pam Kearns
Front-of-House Coordinator Sandy Branning
Opening Night Catering/Decoration Ray Boucher, Beatrijs Brett, and Sandy Branning
Box Office Glynnis Brassil
Photographer Damon Calderwood
Videographer Paul Paterson
Original Performance Dates October 18 to November 2, 2019
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Mystery / Thriller
Special Thanks To Richard Brown, Pete D’Arcy, Jennifer Morabito, Margaret Lee, North Shore News, and Julie Kehler
Mitchell Mackay Director – Mitchell has had the pleasure of appearing both on stage and behind the scenes of many Hendry Hall productions. He was last seen onstage as Dame Fanny Firkin in Peter Zednik’s Treasure Island, and his last directing assignment was the sell out production of Steel Magnolias. Many thanks to Clare, John and Michael for all their hard work making my nightmares come true. I hope you enjoy your evening and please feel free to scream all you want!
Shirley Helgason Production Manager – Shirley has been involved with community theatre since 2003. Starting as a spot operator in the booth to expanding to props, assistant stage manager, stage manager and producer, she has been privy to the countless hours that go into putting on a production. Her sincere appreciation goes out to this wonderful cast, all whom she has worked with on many previous shows, and to the incredible backstage crew who go above the call of duty and get all the sundries together to make this work. To Mitchell and Kathleen, they are the best collaborative team ever!
Kathleen Denkewalter Stage Manager – Kathleen Denkewalter has been a member of North Vancouver Players for over 30 years and has worked with several other community theatre groups in the Vancouver area. She is involved in almost every aspect of theatre, from writing and directing to painting flats. She is especially fond of stage managing and is happy to be working on this production with such a great cast and crew.
John Cousins John Hallett – John comes to Hendry Hall with many years of experience in the theatre and film industry. Audiences may remember John from the production of Dancing At Lughnasa and a couple years ago in The Mystery of Irma Vep, where he shared the stage with Michael. Earlier this year John was in Hidden In This Picture which won the North Shore Zone Festival for Best Production. He thanks Mitchell for this great opportunity and hopes that the audience has as much fun figuring this play out as we did. John sends out a special thanks to his lovely lady, Colleen, for all her love and support.
Michael Morabito Mr. Stone – A member of NVCP for many years, Michael most recently appeared in NVCP’s productions: Roadside Vigil, The Mystery of Irma Vep, and Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii. It is a great honour and pleasure to share the stage once again with my fellow cast members Clare Froud and John Cousins. Thank you to my wife Jennifer for all of her love and support. And finally, thanks to our audience for supporting community theatre. Enjoy the show!
Clare Froud Dee Redmond – Clare is very thankful to be cast in this exciting thriller and is delighted to be sharing the stage with Michael and John. Clare joined NVCP in 2013 staring in The Amorous Prawn. Since then she has appeared in a number of shows including Nurse Jane Goes to Hawaii, Steel Magnolias, Charley’s Aunt and The 39 Steps. Special thanks to her wife Amanda for her unwavering support and for always ‘lighting’ the way. Hold onto your seats folks, it’s going to be a wild ride!!!