Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty

About the Play

Lots of laughs, fabulous costumes, singing and dancing and outrageous characters. Plenty of opportunities for audience participation and fun for the whole family. Sleeping Beauty, our Christmas production written by North Vancouver’s own John McGie, proceeds will go to charity.

Sleeping Beauty is produced by special arrangement with the Author

Proceeds to North Shore Community Foundation in support of children’s and youth programs.

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When I last directed at Hendry Hall it was a zany tale called Lettice and Lovage. Now I am back with something even more outrageous – Sleeping Beauty written by John McGie. All I can say is I hope you can understand what is happening at the castle; if so, perhaps you could spare a minute and explain it to me. There is no logical explanation to the story, but don’t worry we have a Storyteller to keep you in the loop. You will discover it just happens and with the help of a truly understanding cast, I am sure you will Boo and Moo in all the right places, and even sing along when encouraged to do so by our Storyteller.
– Mike Jarvis

Welcome to the long-awaited world premiere performance of Sleeping Beauty, as adapted and interpreted by John McGie. I hope you have as much fun watching this, as we all had making the magic that is live theatre. For many children, these shows create fond memories that bring them back as adults to continue the cycle of camaraderie and community spirit. My thanks to everyone involved on stage and backstage. Most of the profits from this show will be donated to a children’s’ charity on the North Shore. Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us today. We hope to see you again soon! – Glynnis Brassil

CastCrewProduction Info
Character Played by
The Cow (front) Jacquie McCarnan
The Cow (rear) Alex Ross
Storyteller Jeff Feldman
Nanny Piddlepot Richard Hersley
Fairy Tinkle Maddy Kelly
King and Queen Shaye O’Donnell
King Dum Shaye O’Donnell
Cariboose/Ogre Marysol Folkesson
Ratfink Judi Price
Princess Precious/Thor Strongman Keira Schulz
Multiple Roles played by Jacquie McCarnan, and Alex Ross
Prince Frogger Natasha Guerra
Sir Cumference Anthony Dodd
Eric, the Troll Shaye O’Donnell
Fairies/Villagers/Evil Nasties Trinity Stanger, Cooper Theobald,
Emma Thornton, and Shaye O’Donnell
Special Guest Bob Bradley
Fairy Queen Fran Heaney, and Margaret Lee
Stand in for King and Queen, King Dum, and Eric, the Troll Trinity Stanger
Director Mike Jarvis
Guy Lurking Everywhere John McGie
Author John McGie
Co-Production Managers Margaret Lee, and Sue Worrow
Stage Manager Elaina Austin
Assistant Stage Manager Alex Ross
Musical Director Carl Craig
Choreographers Meghan Wearne, and Keira Schulz
Vocal Coach Leigh Richards
Set Designer Glynnis Brassil
Set Decoration Glynnis Brassil, Robin Hilliard, Kim Reynolds
Scenic Signage/Painting Linda Sharp
Set Designer Glynnis Brassil
Set Construction Barry Walker, and John McGie
Special Set Furniture Brian Worrow
Properties Kim Reynolds, Juanita Clark, and Helen Dobric
Special Properties Nancy Richer
Lighting Designer John McGie
Lighting Programmer Simon Drake
Lighting Consultant Michael “40w bulb” Methot
Sound Designers John McGie
Sound Coordinator Anne Marsh
Lighting and Sound Operator Tommy Challoner
Costume Head Karin Bews
Costume Coordinator Margaret Lee
Costumes Mitchell Mackay, and Therese Smortchevsky
Puppet Creation Kazusa Ho
Hair/Make Up Meghan Wearne
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh
Front-of-House Coordinator Alison Precious
Box Office Glynnis Brassil, Fran Heaney, Mitchell Mackay, and Peter Zednik
Lobby Decoration Sandy Branning, and Margaret Lee
Lobby Signage Linda Sharp
Photographer Gary Schwartz
Videographer Chris Wolfe
Original Performance Dates November 30 – December 16, 2012
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Panto
Special Thanks To Bradley Barton, Neil Brewer, Park Royal Shopping Centre
North Shore News, Rona Paints (Park & Tilford), SMP Dramatic Society