Rapunzel A Tangled Tale

Rapunzel A Tangled Tale

About the Play

Lots of laughs, fabulous costumes, singing and dancing and outrageous characters. Plenty of opportunities for audience participation and fun for the whole family. Be sure to book early for Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale, our Christmas production written by North Vancouver’s own Peter Zednik, proceeds will go to charity. This year’s recipient will be Athletics for Kids “We put kids in sports. They put themselves in the game.”

Rapunzel A Tangled Tale is produced by special arrangement with the Author

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It’s no surprise that pantomimes continue to be an essential holiday tradition: hilarious new takes on familiar stories, twisted versions of our favourite songs, jokes both topical and downright corny. But pantos are also an opportunity to reinforce messages we all need to hear no matter our ages: be yourself, love yourself, and love others for their inner beauty. Enjoy! – Peter Zednik

Thank you for joining us for this bright and merry mayhem! It is heart-warming to see all the talented people who have worked so hard to bring this rousing romp to life for your enjoyment, and I thank them. You get out of life what you put into it. We are very proud to be able to donate most of the profits to a children’s charity, chosen by the director. We always have room for more people to help out backstage, so please call us on 604-983-2633. We wish you a peaceful festive season. 
– Glynnis Brassil

<b>Cast</b><b>Crew</b><b>Production Info</b>
Character Played by
Dame Wanda Wave Mitchell Mackay
T.C. Meghan McGuinness
Peter Piper Bradley Barton
Polly Piper Linda Noble
Vileda Scrunge Cheryl Hebb
Hob Olivia Berkowitz
Gob Wyatt Fitzgerald
Rapunzel Carolyn Just
King Bouffant Andrew Massil
Queen Beehive Liz Massil
Prince Pompadour Peter J. Gray
Trumpeteers Cresseida Barton, and Ophelia Barton
Pageboy Alex Gordon
Patty Pink Jocelyn Toledo
Rita Red Kristine de Geest
Brenda Blue Clare Froud
Belinda Black Natasha Guerra
Special Guests Byron Giraud, and George Thew
Director Peter Zednik
Author Peter Zednik
Production Manager Shirley Helgason
Stage Manager Kathleen Denkewalter
Assistant Stage Manager Margaret Lee
Set and Costume Design Mitchell Mackay
Set Construction Barry Walker, Trevor Walker, and Gordon Pope
Scenic Painters Glynnis Brassil, Robin Hilliard, Shirley Helgason,
Peter Zednik, and Mitchell Mackay
Properties Heather Macfarlane, Helen Dobric, Carolyn Coles,
Nathan Hebb, and Bronwyn Curry
Special Properties Construction Nancy Richer, Judith Barkley White,
Barbara LaBounta, and Mitchell Mackay
Lighting Designer Simon Drake
Lighting Assistants Evan Llewellyn, Missy Chen, and Rob Thompson
Sound Designer Peter Zednik
Sound Engineer Anne Marsh
Lighting and Sound Operator Liz Whittaker, and Sandy Branning
Costume Construction Carol Pope, Karin Bews, Therese Smortchevsky, Mitchell Mackay,
Ren Boggio, Anastasia Vogl, and Sula Salampassis
Wig Styling Jennifer Morabito, and Natasha Guerra
Wig Mistresses Jennifer Morabito, Natasha Guerra, Kim Gordon,
and Ophelia Barton
Flower Puppetry Ophelia Barton, and Cresseida Barton
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh, and Sue Worrow
Front-of-House Coordinator Alison Precious
Box Office Glynnis Brassil, Fran Heaney, Rosemary Hundal,
Barry Walker, and Sue Worrow
Lobby Decoration Sandy Branning, and Sue Worrow
Photographer Gary Schwartz
Videographer Chris Wolfe
Original Performance Dates November 29 to December 15, 2013
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Panto
Special Thanks To Tim Ellis, Sentinel Secondary School, Park Royal Shopping Centre,
Samantha Elizabeth Gill, North Shore News, Rona Paints (Park & Tilford),
Once Upon a Time Costume Department, Save-On-Foods (Pemberton Plaza),
Kiwanis Club of North Vancouver