Play Submission

The Play Selection Committee

Duties and Guidelines

The Play Selection Committee is comprised of North Vancouver Community Players (NVCP) members, charged with the task of selecting the best possible production season for the theatre. The selection committee meets regularly to read, discuss and evaluate plays submitted by directors, writers and theatre members.

Committee Member Guidelines

A committee member must be a NVCP member in good standing with the club. Committee members are expected to read every play submitted, and submit their feedback as soon as possible to the committee chair. The committee will hold regular meetings to discuss the plays and the feedback. During the reading and discussion, members are asked to be respectful of everyone and their thoughts.

Season Selection

The committee will come to a consensus on the plays to be selected, using criteria such as cast size, technical considerations of Hendry Hall, suitability for our audience. When all 6 plays and alternates have been selected, the committee chair will pass the results on to the Executive Committee. The committee Chair will inform all writers & directors of the selections, positive or otherwise.

Final Approval of Season

The Executive Committee will review the selection put forward by the play selection committee and present the selection to the members at large at a General Meeting.