Mary, Mary

Mary, Mary

About the Play

As Howard Taubman of the New York Times describes: “You will not be overwhelmed to discover that Mary is contrary and that her trouble is basic insecurity. Seems she had an older sister, a stunner. Oh, the traumatic effect on Mary! In high school she went out for the literary monthly instead of with boys. She learned to compensate for her drabness by being clever. When we meet her, she is as witty as—well, Jean Kerr. She appears at the apartment of her former husband, Bob, because his lawyer has summoned her to help with Bob’s sticky tax returns. Their marriage, it seems, foundered on the rocks of Mary’s unrelenting sense of humor. The moment she arrives she gives us some excellent samples of it. It takes Dirk Winston, a handsome film hero whose star is in decline, to understand Mary. Dirk makes her face up to her secret. He also kisses her and offers her the kind of adoration her practical and obtuse husband has been unable to manage. Just in time, Bob, who has been on the verge of marrying a rich, young health fiend named Tiffany Richards, realizes that he still needs Mary. It will not be killing any suspense to reveal that true love triumphs.”

Mary, Mary is produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

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Mary, Mary written by Jean Kerr was one of the longest running plays on Broadway in the 60s, with a total of 1,572 performances. The central characters are Mary and Bob who are in the process of being divorced. Mix together Bob’s current fiancé Tiffany, his old friend Dirk who has become a movie star, his lawyer friend Oscar, add Mary, and fireworks ensue. – Val Mason

Welcome to North Vancouver Community Players’ last production of the season— Mary, Mary. A wonderful play of love lost and found.
We hope that you will leave Hendry Hall tonight having enjoyed a wonderful evening of live entertainment. Please pick up a brochure in the lobby for our 2016-2017 Season of Plays and if you are not already a season ticket subscriber then do sign up on July 1st! If you would like to join into the fun on and off stage, please check out our website North Van Community Players under the section Volunteer. We would love to have you aboard! – Fran Heaney

<b>Cast</b><b>Crew</b><b>Production Info</b><b>About the Company</b>
Character Played by
Bob McKellaway Jeff Hoffman
Tiffany Richards Sierra Gale
Oscar Nelson Liam Coughlan
Dirk Winston Kevin Flatley
Mary McKellaway Karin Atkinson
Director Val Mason
Author Jean Kerr
Production Managers Fran Heaney, and Meghan McNeight
Stage Manager Kathy Bradley
Set Designer Glynnis Brassil
Set Construction Gord Pope, Ken Thibault, and David Read
Set Painters Robin Hilliard, Jennifer Morabito, and Glynnis Brassil
Properties Carolyn Coles, Margaret Lee, Sandy Branning, Leslie Whittaker, and Solanges Santerre
Lighting Designer Michael Methot
Sound Designer Val Mason
Sound Programmer Anne Marsh
Lighting and Sound Operator Val Johnson
Costumes Karin Bews, Carol Pope, and Sharon Alexander
Hair and Make-Up Leslie Whittaker
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh
Front-of-House Coordinator Jeannie Brown
Opening Night Catering/Decoration Sandy Branning et al
Box Office Rosemary Hundal
Photographer Damon Calderwood
Videographer Paul Paterson
Original Performance Dates May 27 to June 11, 2016
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Romantic Comedy
Special Thanks To Whitby & Tower Moving & Storage, Michael Gall, Properties Master, Arts Club Theatre Company,
Joan Vyner, Theatre West Van, Murray Swaile, Heather Baker, Janet Donnelly
Val Mason Director – Val has been involved in community theatre since she was 18 years old. Theatre is her passion and her favourite hobby. She has directed a number of plays for North Vancouver Community Players and her favourite was Ghosts by Henrick Ibsen. She was the Managing Director for Presentation House Arts Centre for 10 years and has twice been the Chair of the North Shore Zone Festival. She hopes you will enjoy watching Mary, Mary as much as the cast and crew have enjoyed bringing it to life.
Karin Atkinson Mary – Karin was born on a dark and stormy night but let’s skip all that and focus on the dark and stormy night where she discovered acting. Living in the small, small town of Bragg Creek, AB, her parents figured that letting her join the local community theatre scene was a good distraction from taking over the world. After conquering Bragg Arts Theatre Society with a performance that drew both Shakespeare and Walt Disney from their graves to act as her secret love ghost slaves, she moved to Vancouver and started raising some fairly literal hell. As a warning, watching her performance tonight will allow her to control your minds, but she also hopes that you enjoy the show and all the hard work the actors have put into it.
Liam Coughlan Oscar – Liam is thrilled to make his debut at historic Hendry Hall. Most recently, Liam played the role of Italian Opera singer Tito Merelli in Lend Me A Tenor and four ensemble roles in More Fawlty Towers with Vagabond Players. Liam has just secured his first speaking role on film, and is currently a Background Performer member of the Union of BC Performers/ACTRA. Along with the wonderful cast and crew, Liam would like to especially thank Director Val Mason and former Directors Miles Lavkulich, Casey Por and Grace Macdonald for their skill and faith. Thanks also to family and friends for their support.
Kevin Flatley Dirk – Art imitates life…or uh…was it the other way around? This eventually became the basis for Kevin’s interest in art, life, and the human condition. And what better place to explore these interests then the stage! Calling the North Shore home for many years now, Kevin has been involved in various productions taking place throughout North Vancouver, and beyond. He is proud to return to Henry Hall in such an amazing show, surrounded by an abundance of talent, both on stage, as well as behind the scenes. It continues to be an experience he will not soon forget.
Sierra Gale Tiffany – This is Sierra’s first time back on stage since completing an Acting for Film and Television Program at Schoolcreative in 2010. Over the past six years she has completed a Bachelor’s Degree at UBC, backpacked through South America, lived and worked at an eco-bed and breakfast in Hawaii, road-tripped around North America in a 1970’s orange campervan, and spent three summers working as a forest fire fighter in the mountains of British Columbia. The opportunity to be a part of Mary, Mary’s cast was a lucky one and she is thrilled to be acting once again.
Jeff Hoffman Bob – Jeff is returning to the theatre after a seven year hiatus wherein he was living and teaching university classes in Canberra, Australia. An accomplished paleontologist, Jeff would normally be focused on the Cretaceous period, but the 1960s are fun too. In fact, he will be returning to direct next season’s production of Jurassic Mary by Jeankerrasaurus Rex. He hopes you enjoy the show.