Hot Property

Hot Property

About the Play

Laughter, mistaken identities, and even a “sting” conspire to make this an irresistible comedy. Jamie’s mother was an author and before she died she wrote the sensational and sensuous life history of INEZ which is fast becoming a best seller but crafty Spencer Layton got hold of the manuscript and had it published with him as author. Jamie and his fiance, Kay, are about to give up when Albertine Johnson, a character actress, appears fresh from a fire which canceled a week’s engagement of her touring company. She and her fellow thespians assume other identities and act their hearts out to defeat Spencer. Albertine enters as the notorious Inez to persuade Spencer Inez is real and will sue him for slander. Another of the actors comes in as Inez’s long lost daughter and another as the publisher of the book. When the real publisher shows up, the sting is getting out of hand but plot twists and the inventiveness of actors makes for a happily hilarious ending.

Hot Property is produced by special arrangement with Concord Theatricals (Samuel French)

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What is real and what is illusion? Who is who? What truly matters? The actual set of Hot Property represents the different perspectives of reality and illusion, part complete, part in process and part unfinished. The production peeks behind the curtain to explore the art of storytelling, the process of creation, the best of good intentions and the kindness of strangers. With humour and colourful characters it explores fact vs fiction, truth vs deception, integrity, identity and justice being served. Enjoy the unfolding of a plot with many twists. – Val Mason

Welcome to North Vancouver Community Players production of Hot Property. This is our first production of the new season. Please be sure to pick up a brochure for our upcoming 2019-2020 season. We know that you will love the choices. If you are not already a season ticket holder, now is the time to sign up so that you avoid missing one of our wonderful plays! We hope that you will leave Hendry Hall tonight having enjoyed a wonderful evening of live entertainment. If you would like to join into the fun on and off stage, please check out our website North Van Community Players under the section Volunteer. We would love to have you aboard! – Fran Heaney

<b>Cast</b><b>Crew</b><b>Production Info</b><b>About the Company</b>
Character Played by
Jamie Durwood Toph Whitmore
Kay McNaughton Hannah Kloyber
Albertine Johnson Nancy Ebert
Millicent Trevor Dawn A. Lindsay
Spencer Leyton Bobby Magee
Joyce Ingalls Jamé Wonacott
H. L. Barrister Adrian Kloyber
Buck Randall Terrence Loychuk
Director Val Mason
Production Manager Fran Heaney
Author Fred Carmichael
Stage Manager Susan Stanley
Assistant Stage Manager Leslie Whittaker
Set Designer Glynnis Brassil
Set Construction Bob Martin, and Andrew Massil
Set Decorators / Painters Glynnis Brassil, Jennifer Morabito, and Linda Sharp
Properties Susan Stanley, Val Mason, and Fran Crossley
Lighting Designers Cara Jacobsen, and Bill Howorth
Sound Designers Chris Stanley
Lighting and Sound Operator Chris Stanley
Costumes Heather Nairn
Hair and Make-Up Leslie Whittaker
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh, Glynnis Brassil, and Pam Kearns
Front-of-House Coordinators Sandy Branning, and Shirley Helgason
Opening Night Catering/Decoration Leslie Whittaker, Rosemary Hundal, and Linda Noble
Box Office Marie Brazier
Photographer Damon Calderwood
Videographer Paul Paterson
Original Performance Dates September 6 to 21, 2019
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Comedy
Special Thanks To North Shore News, and Marie Brazier
Val Mason Director – Val has been involved with community theatre since she was 16, in Woodstock, Toronto, Sydney Australia and North Vancouver. It is her happy place. Recent directing credits include Chapter Two and Yesteryear for NVCP and Senior Follies for Deep Cove Stage Society. She is also often seen scurrying around with props. She is delighted to be collaborating with such an excellence crew and delightful cast.
Nancy Ebert Albertine – Nancy is delighted to work with NVCP again. She last performed on the stage at Hendry Hall as Sister Aloysius in Doubt. Other NVCP roles include Mrs. Squeezum in Lock Up Your Daughters and Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie. Other favourite roles are Nat in Rabbit Hole, Annie in Calendar Girls and Vera in 4000 Miles.
Adrian Kloyber H.L. Barrister – Adrian has thoroughly enjoyed acting alongside his daughter and the wonderful cast and crew assembled for this production. This is Adrian’s first role in over 30 years and he’s rekindled his love for the theatre.
Hannah Kloyber Kay – Hannah is an almost 12th grader at Windsor Secondary, and having had little experience outside of the classroom, she can definitely say Hot Property has taught her a lot. From the fear of her father being cast as her fiancé (thank God she dodged that bullet), to the amazing talent she has been lucky enough to be cast alongside, she hopes you will love the show as much as she has.
Dawn A. Lindsay Millie – Dawn is so happy to be back with NVCP at Hendry Hall. This is Dawn’s second time working with Val Mason. In May, Dawn played Iris in Senior Follies with Deep Cove Stage Society. “Thanks Val for casting me yet again in another great character role”. “Also thanks to my boys Daly and Max for allowing Mum to play!” Au revoir!
Terrence Loychuk Buck – Despite scrupulous updating, Terrence’s operating platform is no longer supported, his RAM has completely erased and his hard drives capacity is dramatically reduced. Happily ignoring these 404 errors he is ecstatic to be part of a stellar cast.
Bobby Magee Spencer – Scratch an actor, get a review! From Millennium to Hot Property, quite a journey. Bobby has been seen in film on such shows as Debbie Macomber’s Dashing Through the Snow, Impact and Millennium. He loves working with the North Vancouver Community Players.
Toph Whitmore Jamie – Toph Whitmore is a North Vancouver writer and actor. This is his first NVCP production. Recent acting work includes Farndale…“A Christmas Carol” (Theatre West Van), Cyrano (First Impressions Theatre), and The Grand Old Duke of York (Deep Cove Stage Society). Deep Cove Stage Society premieres his play The (Musical!) Beast of Mt. Seymour this December.
Jamé Wonacott Joyce – Jamé Wonacott has been living and acting in North Vancouver for two years. She most recently acted in Persuasion with the Metro Theatre as well as Farndale…“A Christmas Carol” for Theatre West Van. She is excited to be a part of the wonderful cast and crew of Hot Property!