Crimes Of The Heart

Crimes Of The Heart

About the Play

The scene is Hazlehurst, Mississippi, where the three Magrath sisters have gathered to await news of the family patriarch, their grandfather, who is living out his last hours in the local hospital. Lenny, the oldest sister, is unmarried at thirty and facing diminishing marital prospects; Meg, the middle sister, who quickly outgrew Hazlehurst, is back after a failed singing career on the West Coast; while Babe, the youngest, is out on bail after having shot her husband in the stomach. Their troubles, grave and yet, somehow, hilarious, are highlighted by their priggish cousin, Chick, and by the awkward young lawyer who tries to keep Babe out of jail while helpless not to fall in love with her. In the end the play is the story of how its young characters escape the past to seize the future—but the telling is so true and touching and consistently hilarious that it will linger in the mind long after the curtain has descended.

North Shore Zone Festival Entry 2018

Crimes of the Heart was part of the Theatre BC North Shore Zone festival of plays at Presentation House Theatre April 30-May 5, 2018, performing on Thursday, May 9. The annual week of theatre showcases plays presented by groups from Deep Cove to Squamish and all points in between. Established community drama groups present plays from their seasons, alongside a secondary school, showing us the skill and talent of our up-and-coming thespians. The Festival Committee is thrilled this year to have that eminent theatre professional Michael Armstrong to adjudicate the productions. It will be a true learning experience for everyone involved and attending. NVCP will be presenting Crimes of the Heart as part of this festival and encourages all Hendry Hall patrons to come and support their entry—for a full line-up of activities, see Presentation House Theatre. Come and support your favourite club in this annual event.

Crimes of the Heart is produced by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service

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Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley is categorized as a Southern Gothic. The Southern Gothic genre depicts the values of the south through horrifying incidents experienced by flawed and eccentric characters. Equipped with that understanding of the play’s roots, we delved into the script to pull out the common threads. When facing the eye of the storm, how we react is clouded by our past. This became our central idea. Each character’s development has been stunted by harrowing experiences in their past. They find their own unique way to face the whirlwind of trauma (sugar consumption being a common coping mechanism). Beth Henley has set the play ‘five years after Hurricane Camille’, never actually naming the year; reinforcing the idea that the present is continually influenced by the past. There is no doubt that the gale has resurfaced as this play begins. I hope you enjoy watching these eccentric characters face the eye of the storm, and find out more about themselves and each other in the process. – Tracy Labrosse

Welcome to North Vancouver Community Players production of Crimes of the Heart. This play is our entry in the Theatre BC North Shore Zone Festival. If you have friends or family who were unable to see this show at Hendry Hall, please let them know they can come to Presentation House on Tuesday, May 3 and you can see it again too! We hope that you will leave Hendry Hall this evening with a smile on your face and a happy feeling! If you would like to join into the fun on and off stage, please check out our website North Van Community Players under the section Volunteer. We would love to have you aboard! – Fran Heaney

CastCrewProduction InfoAbout the Company
Character Played by
Lenny Magrath Heather Evens
Chick Boyle Colleen Brow
Doc Porter Pierce Ivan
Meg Magrath Marina Deltcheva
Babe Botrelle Lisa Pope
Barnett Lloyd Ryan Cashin
Director Tracy Labrosse
Production Managers Fran Heaney, and Sue Worrow
Author Beth Henley
Stage Manager Shirley Helgason
Assistant Stage Manager Val Mason
Set Designer Andy Jones-Cox
Set Construction Andy Jones-Cox, Bob Martin, Joe Vanbelois, and Arnie Ostevik
Set Decorators Linda Sharp, Robin Hilliard, and Glynnis Brassil
Properties Val Mason, Ray Boucher, Fran Crossley, Beatrijs Brett, Susan Stanley, and Rosemary Hundal
Lighting Designer Bill Howorth
Sound Designers Peter Zednik
Lighting and Sound Operator Glynnis Brassil, and Chris Stanley
Costumes Alison Sawers
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh, and Pam Kearns
Front-of-House Coordinator Sandy Branning
Opening Night Catering/Decoration Ray Boucher, and Sharon Alexander
Box Office Kathleen Denkewalter
Photographer Damon Calderwood
Videographer Paul Paterson
Original Performance Dates April 6 to 21, 2018
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Dark Comedy
Special Thanks To Sandy Branning, Carolyn Coles, Jean Jones, Rosemary Hundal, Capilano University, and Vagabond Players
Tracy Labrosse DirectorCrimes of the Heart is Tracy’s eighth show with NVCP, and she is thrilled to tackle this quirky production. Other favourite directing credits include The 39 Steps (NVCP), Bell, Book and Candle (Metro Theatre) and The Underpants (TOTC). Tracy was seen on stage at Hendry Hall in Steel Magnolias earlier this season. Other favourite acting credits include Doubt, Moon Over Buffalo, Having Hope at Home (NVCP), The 39 Steps (Theatre West Van), And Then There Were None (Metro Theatre), and Wait Until Dark (Vagabond Players – CTC award for Best Actress). Special thanks to the men in her life; her husband and two boys who put up with her theatre habit.
Colleen Brow Chick Boyle – Colleen has long dreamed of performing in highly flammable, stretchy, 100 per cent 1970’s polyester. So, she’s absolutely elated to be part of this superb cast and crew. Recent roles at Hendry Hall include The Odd Couple (Mickey the cop) and Yesteryear (brothel Madame Emma Day). Other shows include Theatre Under the Stars, Metro Theatre, MUSSOC and various indie films about angst. Her one-person show, Ten Tips for a Collapsed Uterus, debuts at this year’s Nanaimo Fringe Festival. To research Chick’s role, she tweaked her twang by watching a lot of Duck Dynasty. “Thanks for bein’ a sweet potato and supportin’ local theatre.”
Ryan Cashin Barnett Lloyd – Ryan is a Canadian film/stage actor based out of Vancouver. Being brought up in Calgary, Ryan decided to make the move to Vancouver to study at the Vancouver Film School and has lived here ever since. Amongst many short films you can also see Ryan in the Canadian feature film The Prodigal Dad which has been hitting local film festivals. You may also find Ryan out hiking and camping during the summer, or possibly wasting way too many hours on his PlayStation.
Marina Deltcheva Meg Magrath – Marina is thrilled to be working with the fantastic team involved in Crimes of the Heart! Her recent appearances include The Merry Widow (recipient of Best Emerging Actor Award), The Little Mermaid, and Savage in Limbo. Marina attended Capilano U and UBC where she obtained degrees in Art History and Psychology and is currently studying acting at Rogues West and Railtown Actors Studio. When she’s not acting (or eating chocolates on stage), she enjoys singing, writing, travelling, and studying foreign languages.
Heather Evens Lenny Magrath – Heather is over the moon to be back playing at Hendry Hall. She was last seen here as midwife Dawn in Having Hope at Home. This time, she’s related to the family, and is having a ball soaking – and sometimes sweeping – up the sisterly (and cousin) love. She sends a huge thanks to Tracy for seeing the potential Lenny in her, and she wants to give a special shout out to family and friends who always support these theatrical adventures of hers.
Pierce Ivan Doc Porter – Pierce trained in Vancouver and has been involved in numerous stage productions with NVCP and Between Shifts Theatre in Squamish throughout the years. This production of Crimes of the Heart has brought him back to performing at Hendry Hall. His last production was in Bingo at Stage 43 in Coquitlam. He was last seen at Hendry Hall in Two Rooms and Bea’s Niece. Pierce is thrilled to be part of this cast and hopes you enjoy the show.
Lisa Pope Babe Botrelle – Lisa has thoroughly enjoyed working in this production! Past acting credits include Secrets Of A Soccer Mom with Stage 43, Bea’s Niece with NVCP, Book Of Days with Deep Cove Stage Society, Nunsense with First Impressions, Hay Fever with Presentation House Theatre, Coronation Voyage with The Belfry. Past directing credits include Bingo! with Stage 43, Mystery Plays with NVCP, Complete Works Of William Shakespeare Abridged with Deep Cove Stage Society, Independence with CCPA. She would like to thank the cast and crew for their patience with her injury, and special thanks to Kyle, Bryce, and Lucy for their unending support. Gulp gulp gulp!