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Becky’s New Car

About the Play Have you ever been tempted to flee your own life? Becky Foster is caught in middle age, middle management and in a middling marriage — with no prospects for change on the horizon. Then one night a socially inept and grief-struck millionaire stumbles into the car dealership where Becky works. Becky is offered nothing short ... More

Frankenstein, The DIY Panto

About the Play Our next production will be of an entirely different genre! Lots of laughs, fabulous costumes, singing and dancing and timeless characters. Plenty of opportunities for audience participation and fun for the whole family. Be sure to book early for Frankenstein, the DIY Panto, our Christmas production, written by North ... More

The Business Of Murder

About the Play This psychological thriller about revenge centers on the interlocking triangular relationship between Dee, a successful television playwright; Hallet, a detective superintendent; and Stone, a humorless, prissy man. Dee arrives at Stone's flat, having accepted an invitation to discuss a script by Stone's wife. She is rather ... More

Hot Property

About the Play Laughter, mistaken identities, and even a "sting" conspire to make this an irresistible comedy. Jamie's mother was an author and before she died she wrote the sensational and sensuous life history of INEZ which is fast becoming a best seller but crafty Spencer Layton got hold of the manuscript and had it published with him ... More

The Dixie Swim Club

About the Play Five Southern women, whose friendships began many years ago on their college swim team, set aside a long weekend every August to recharge those relationships. Free from husbands, kids, and jobs, they meet at the same beach cottage, the “Sweet Delilah” on North Carolina’s Outer Banks to catch up, laugh, and meddle in ... More