Bea’s Niece

Bea's Niece

About the Play

Anne Hirsch is the novelist and is also “Bea’s niece”. The Aunt, Anne’s seventy-five year old Great Aunt Bea, advises us that etiquette and common sense require a woman to have on hand for all occasions: “…a bottle of whiskey, a well-oiled revolver and as the rarest of treats, a stainless steel syringe with just the tiniest supply of opium.” With rigour and humour, the play deals with memory and grief, sanity and reality, psychology and spirituality.

Theatre BC Zone Festival Entry 2012.
Bea’s Niece was the 2012 Theatre BC Zone Festival Entry at Presentation House in North Vancouver.
Bea’s Niece is produced by special arrangement with the Author.

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As Canadians, we can be justly proud to call David Gow our own. He grew up in the Ottawa area and Montreal, has an MFA in Playwriting and Theatre from York University, and currently lives in Montreal, where he works as an actor and writer. His other plays include Cherry Docs and The Friedman Family Fortune. And it is a wonderful opportunity for us to bring Bea’s Niece to Hendry Hall – the first time it has been presented in B.C. to our knowledge. Real magic happens when a great play hits the stage, and this is a great play. It is also magical, in more ways than one. Those of us involved in this production have had an exciting and sometimes bewildering time exploring that magic. And I, for one, have enjoyed every minute of it. One of my favourite quotes about the theatre is this one by Joanna Eldredge Morrissey: “When I go to the theatre, I love to be smacked out of my normal life and confronted with something I would never have thought/felt/imagined otherwise. I adore surprises! I like theatre that is bold…Every time I go to a play, despite what I may have heard going in, I want to leave with the play still sitting on my shoulder, whispering in my ear. Maybe shouting. I don’t always experience this. But sometimes I do.” I’m pretty sure Bea’s Niece will surprise our audiences. If you find yourselves leaving the theatre with the play “still sitting on your shoulder”, that would truly be magic! – Karen Golden

I have been privileged to be wearing another hat for this production—that of Co-Production Manager. It has been a wonderful experience and I know that all who see this play, will be enthralled and entranced with everything they see on this stage. After the run at Hendry Hall, we will be presenting the play at Presentation House for the Theatre BC North Shore Zone Festival on Wednesday, May 9. Come and see us again! Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm of North Van Players. We love what we do and I think it shows. – Sue Worrow

<b>Cast</b><b>Crew</b><b>Production Info</b><b>About the Company</b>
Character Played by
Anne Hirsch Lisa Pope
Bea/Paula Karen Golden
Dr. Beth Ottis Heather Evens
Bill Hirsch Pierce Ivan
Director Karen Golden
Author David Gow
Production Managers Bradley Barton, and Sue Worrow
Stage Manager Stephen Torrence
Assistant Stage Managers Elaina Austin, and Meghan McGuinness-Gill
Set/Décor Designer Glynnis Brassil
Painters/Set Decorators Glynnis Brassil, and Robin Hilliard
Set Construction Gordon Pope
Set Construction Assistants Evan Llewellyn, Andrew Massil, Bradley Barton, and Neil Brewer
Properties Fran Heaney
Special Properties Marie Brazier, Gary Schwartz
Lighting Designer Randy Poulis
Sound Designer Stephen Torrence
Sound Programmer Greg Dent
Costumes Karin Bews
Lighting and Sound Operators Kathleen Denkewalter, Greg Dent, Jennifer Lucas,
and Paul O’Shaughnessy
Make-Up Consultant Leslie Whittaker
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh
Front-of-House Coordinator Leslie Whittaker
Box Office Mitchell Mackay, Peter Zednik
Opening Night Caterer Rosemary Hundal
Photographer Gary Schwartz
Videographer Chris Wolfe
Original Performance Dates April 6 to 21, 2012
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Drama
Special Thanks To Dr. Richard Saba (set piece), Mitchell Mackay (special costume piece), Derrick McWilliams
Clinton W. Gray (special effects consultant), Amber Inglis,
Amica – West Vancouver, Park Royal Mall, Rona (Park & Tilford), Angel Carpet Cleaning,
Vancouver Acting School (set materials), Andrew Klukas, Trilby Jeeves
Karen Golden Director – Karen’s previous endeavours in the theatre have been as an actor and producer. This is her first experience directing a play, and she has found it exhilarating and most educational, in far too many ways to mention. To her stellar cast and hugely talented design and production team Karen extends her deepest thanks for the support and encouragement provided at every turn. To the audience who makes it all worthwhile, she hopes a fraction of the joy found in bringing this wonderful play to life makes its way into your hearts. And finally, to Stephen: a big thank you for being a great Stage Manager and a very patient husband during all those endless talks about THE PLAY!.
Heather Evens Dr. Beth Ottis – This production is a great example of why Heather loves theatre: having a supportive director, an organized and caring backstage crew, and a talented cast always up for laughter, she’s had an amazing time. It’s her first spin on stage here at Hendry Hall, but you may have seen her in other roles recently around town: as Jan in Bedroom Farce (That Other Theatre Company), Ruth in Table Manners (Theatre West Van), and Philippa in A Murder is Announced (Metro Theatre). In her spare time, she’s co-artistic producer of That Other Theatre Company. Heather says she’s enjoyed getting inside Dr. Beth’s head, and putting her psychology degree to use.
Karen Golden Bea/Paula – It was never Karen’s intention to be on stage for Bea’s Niece, but unforeseen circumstances required her to step into the role of Bea a couple of weeks before opening night. Karen is most grateful to the cast and crew who adjusted to the change with such grace and good humour, and she sincerely hopes audiences enjoy the show.
Pierce Ivan Bill Hirsch – Pierce is thrilled to be making his North Vancouver Community Players debut with Bea’s Niece. He has performed with Deep Cove Stage Society in Book of Days, with Between Shifts Theatre in Squamish in Leaving Home, The Marriage of Dracula, Homeward Bound, and with Whistler Players in Busybody. National Tours: WOW Productions in Happy Daze. He would like to thank the cast and crew for their hard work on this project. He sends much love to his family and friends and extended “Family” at Amica Mature Lifestyles (Mayfair).
Lisa Pope Anne Hirsch – Lisa is thrilled to finally be treading the boards at Hendry Hall. Past acting credits include Book of Days (Deep Cove Stage Society); Leading Ladies (DCSS); Proposals (DCSS); Nunsense (First Impressions Theatre); Graceland (Stage Left Players); Quad (The Half-Stratford Players); The Diviners (DCSS); Hay Fever (Presentation House Theatre); Dearly Departed (DCSS); Hey Bully Bully (Story Theatre); Coronation Voyage (Belfry Theatre); Weighting to Get In (Vancouver Fringe); Quilters (Cap Theatre); Top Girls (Cap Theatre). Past directing credits include The Complete Works of William Shakespeare, Abridged (DCSS); Cliffhanger (DCSS); The Witch of Evil Wood (DCSS); Independence (CCPA). Lisa extends immense thanks to Kyle and Bryce for supporting her in doing what she loves.