Barbecue Blues

Barbecue Blues

About the Play

When the Campbells invite Dad’s new boss to a barbecue, mayhem ensues. Misunderstandings, relationship problems, illicit affairs, adolescence and hockey thuggery are all in the mix. What a day!

Barbecue Blues is produced by special arrangement with the author.

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Barbecue Blues has been transformed and remoulded into its present shape over the last three years largely because of the patient encouragement and intelligent editing of my colleagues in this production, Bruce and Nancy Richer. I thought we had arrived at presentable piece of drama when disaster struck in the shape of the director. The man has virtually shut me out of the production. I am banned from rehearsals and not allowed to suggest or discuss any cuts or additions to my own script. He will not allow me to talk to the cast on the pretext that they are having enough trouble already trying to learn my convoluted, tongue twisting text. The man is an insolent oaf and couldn’t direct traffic in a one-horse town. I hope you enjoy the play. – David Read

Although it has been a considerable struggle to mount this production, we have largely overcome our difficulties, except for one stumbling block – the playwright! I have never worked with a more obstinate, opinionated and intractable person in all my years in the theatre and it was a rare stroke of genius on my part when I decided to deal with him personally and not let him anywhere near the cast. Even so his malignant presence and facile opinions linger in every line of dialogue. We beg your forbearance and hope he has not ruined your evening. – David Read

Welcome to the first production of another wonderful season of plays at Hendry Hall. Barbecue Blues has been written and directed by one of our own members. We think you will agree that we have put together an excellent and diverse line up of plays for you to enjoy as outlined in our exciting new brochure.  We are now also into a whole new realm of on-line ticketing at to complement our familiar telephone reservation system. Season ticket packages will be available until the end of September, so call 604-983-2633 to order one for yourself and perhaps a friend. We look forward to seeing you again very soon in the Theatre at Hendry Hall. Enjoy the show! – Sue Worrow

CastCrewProduction InfoAbout the Company
Character Played by
Penny Campbell Jasmine Carlson
Liz Campbell Julie Coghlan
Eddie Campbell Matthew Robertson
Jim Campbell Kevin Flatley
Marion Cayla Brooke
T.C. Simpson Roger Kettyls
Annabelle Simpson Isabel Mendenhall
Karen Rimmer Yvonne Arnason
Director David Read
Assistant Director Bruce Richer
Author David Read
Production Manager Anne Marsh, Margaret Lee (Financial)
Stage Manager Bob Bradley
Assistant Stage Manager Sierra Furdyk
Set Design and Construction David Read
Set Construction Gordon Pope
Set and Properties Decorators Nancy Richer, Bruce Richer
Lighting Designer Stephen Torrence
Lighting Assistants Simon Drake, Andrew Klukas
Sound Designers David Read, Anne Marsh
Costumes Karin Bews
Properties Sierra Furdyk
Lighting and Sound Operator Kathy Bradley
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh
Front-of-House Coordinator Rosemary Hundal
Box Office Fran Heaney
Photographer Gary Schwartz
Videographer Chris Wolfe
Original Performance Dates September 10-25, 2010
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Comedy
Special Thanks To Jeff Seddon (for his trombone playing)
David Read Director – David has appeared in the background of various Hendry Hall productions recently. You will have seen his wonderful set drawing and painting for Betrayal and The Fourth Wall and his set design for these productions as well as Light Sensitive. We are indeed fortunate to have his creative expertise honed from his work in professional theatre in England.
Yvonne Arnason Karen Rimmer – Yvonne is happy to appear in this cameo role as a much younger person than last seen at Hendry Hall. In the opening play of 2008, she played the grandmother, Emma in Over The River and Through the Woods. She has won awards as Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress and even Supporting Actor in one strange festival piece. Yvonne enjoys the family spirit in community theatre and the intimacy of Hendry Hall. She will be seen next in the upcoming comedy Death by Chocolate in October.
Cayla Brooke Marion – Thanks David for writing such a great part. Marion is a blast to play. Cayla’s next appearance on stage will be in November when she stars in the musical Amber Avenues at the Kay Meek Centre. After that she will portray Peggy Lee in Unforgettable – The Nat King Cole Story as part of the Evergreen Cultural Centre 2010/2011 series. Cayla also regularly performs as a soloist with the Good Noise Vancouver Gospel Choir.
Jasmine Carlson Penny Campbell – Jasmine is thrilled to be performing in Barbecue Blues as her first performance with North Vancouver Community Players. She has been acting since she was four years old. Recent performances include Babes in the Wood with Deep Cove Stage Society and Hamlet – What was the Question with SMP Dramatic Society. When not on stage Jasmine can be seen performing in the choir with the Argyle Music Association. She would like to thank David Read for this experience and has enjoyed working with such a talented and friendly cast and crew.
Julie Coghlan Liz Campbell – Julie trained at Rhodes University, South Africa. After graduating she joined the Performing Arts Council of the Transvaal where she worked as an actress in the English Drama Company. During this time she also acted in television shows for the South African Broadcasting Corporation. Julie has not been on stage in over 20 years, and Barbecue Blues has been an interesting challenge for her.
Roger Kettyls T.C. Simpson – While Roger has performed or directed for other North Shore theatre groups, storied Hendry Hall is where Roger’s career in amateur theatre began at the age of twelve while rehearsing for the production In the Blood. Since then Roger has appeared in other NVCP productions including The Hand that Cradles the Rock and Cabaret 2000 and directed the annual pantomime Puss in Boots.
Kevin Flatley Jim Campbell – After some well enjoyed travel time and much needed R&R Kevin is pleased to be back and working with one of the finest theatre companies the North Shore has to offer, the North Vancouver Community Players.  An amazingly supportive cast and crew, coupled with a very forgiving and extremely generous director .. or …. Um ….. was that the writer ( I can never remember) has made this an experience worth remembering for many years to come.
Isabel Mendenhall Annabelle Simpson – Isabel has performed on many theatre stages throughout the Lower Mainland during the past many years, but she makes her home at the Bernie Legge Theatre, home of the Vagabond Players.  Comedy is her forté, but she’ll try anything at least once.  She will next be seen as the Fairy in Metro Theatre’s production of Cinderella.
Matthew Robertson Eddie Campbell – Matthew is a Grade 10 student at Handsworth Secondary with an appetite for performing. He has been in the drama program at school for two years and will continue next year. Matt has been is several youth productions, both acting and directing. He also plays guitar and sings – often busking at Lonsdale Quay or playing at Waves Café and he can deliver a pretty funny stand-up routine (after attending stand-up comic camp this summer.) So it’s no wonder why he auditioned for the role of Eddie.