Frankenstein, the DIY Panto!
Annual Christmas Pantomime

Written by Linda Sharp
Directed by Becky Oben
Produced by Rosemary Hundal

– Sunday, September 8, 1:00 -3:00pm
– Monday, September 9, 7:30 to 9:30pm
– Call backs if needed – TBA

– In the Theatre at Hendry Hall, 815 11th Street East, North Vancouver

– No appointments necessary: first come, first served;
– Cold scene read from the script;
– Please come prepared to sing a simple song of your choice.

– September 17 to November 26;
– Sundays 1-4 pm, Tuesdays 6:45–8:45 pm, Wednesdays 6:45–9:00 pm.
– Not all performers will be required at all rehearsals
– Schedule conflicts will be accommodated as much as possible (with advance notice

– November 28 to December 16, 2019
– Performances take place Thursdays & Fridays @ 7 pm, Saturdays and Sundays @ 2 pm & 4 pm

Frankenstein’s castle is falling to pieces! A call goes out to Sherlock from Holmes on Homes, and his sidekick Dr. Watson to foil the evil contractor Strange Lestrange and his sidekicks Smash and Bash in a hilarious attempt to Make it Right!

– Non-Equity production
– Cast and crew will all be required to become paid up members of North Vancouver Community Players ($20 adults, $10 students and children)
– All roles are open to both male and female performers
– Performers of all ages are encouraged to audition.

Producer Anne Marsh ( or 604-980-5552.


The Do-It-Yourself Fairy Sparkly, and pretty, with a mini glue gun on her belt, a bandoleer of glue stick refills and lots of tools. What makes her happy is making wishes come true. Good singing voice.
Dr F (Frankenstein) Looks like a mad scientist, ‘cause that’s what he is. What makes him happy is making things in his lab. And Dame Dumpling!
Dame Dumpling Looks like an Octoberfest waitress recently retired from Rugby.  What makes her happy is making plans to marry Dr F. (the Dame is “traditionally” played by a man)
Igor, the Eternal Intern Wears a robe. What would make him happy is job security.
The Creature Cute but weird-looking lime green “Dog”. Has collar with lightning bolts.  Makeup only on nose. What would make him happy is to make friends, and food, lots of food.
Strange Lestrange Top hatted professional evil villain with moustache and long coat with coat tails. What makes him happy is making trouble.
Smash Amateur level villain, unappreciated henchman of Lestrange. What makes him/her happy is making messes.
Bash Goofy, also unappreciated henchperson of Lestrange. What makes him/her happy is making messes.
Sherlock Holmes/ Villager Dressed as Sherlock Holmes, deerstalker, coat, pipe What makes him happy is solving mysteries. So then why did he stop? English accent a plus.
Dr. Watson Dressed as Dr Watson. What makes him happy is making things work, fixing things. But now he is making a connection… English accent a plus, and sideburns!
Vampire Announcer/ Santa An ability to do impersonations valuable. Wears different bits of costumes as appropriate.
Two Mice / Villagers young folks being super cute. No mice ears when they are playing villagers. Ability to do basic dances steps helpful.

Auditions Around Town

Centennial Theatre
Deep Cove Stage
First Impressions Theatre
Presentation House
SMP Dramatic Society
Theatre West Van