About Us

Built in 1942 as an Air Raid Precautionary Post, the Hendry Hall originally cost $800.00. Hendry Street had earlier been named after one of the officers of a lumber company established in North Vancouver at the turn of the century. The hall was remodeled at the end of the Second World War to be more suitable for community use. From 1945, Hendry Hall was utilized by the Boy Scouts, the Rod and Gun Club and other community groups, but it was not until 1972 that the North Vancouver Community Players (NVCP) adopted it as their permanent home. Since then, the hall has had many upgrades. A fire door was added and repositioning of the washrooms allowed for a lobby area and the smallest box office we know of! Digging the basement out to be a useable area for dressing rooms, washrooms and storage was accomplished in phases between 1978 and 1992. An original kitchen was demolished to enlarge the lobby and an internal staircase was created, a vast improvement from going outside before coming on stage!

Movable bench bleachers (covered with carpet for padding!) were built in 1976, but these gave way in the late 80’s to the current permanent seating arrangements. Our light and sound systems are continually being upgraded. The outside has had its changes too, with an entrance awning, a small paved parking lot and considerable landscaping, all of which has been accomplished in the last few years.

In 1994, we were able to install air conditioning, adding to your comfort as you watch our show. Finally in 2006, the main and side staircases were completely replaced. NVCP is proud to now be the sole tenant of Hendry Hall and we commit to maintain and improve the Hall as long as we are allowed to continue this tenancy from the District of North Vancouver.