About the Play

2000, set in the high-tech home of a childless-by-choice, professional couple living in the hinterlands of North Vancouver’s Lynn Valley, sees a cougar wandering down into the city and shifting their perspectives of the world. According to Joan MacLeod, the play 2000 grew out of a story she read about a cougar that had wandered into a sports arena in Vancouver: “I was intrigued by the notion of the wild invading the city and the city invading the wild, by the idea of things being not quite right in nature and the approach of the millennium.”

In the play, the cougar appears to embody the precarious and increasingly circumscribed state of nature. Living in the home with Sean and Wyn is her 99-year-old grandmother, Nanny, who believes there is a mountain man lurking around the property. Each character relates to nature in a different way, whether it be with distrust, cynicism, awe or longing. The figure of the Mountain Man, a homeless man who has abandoned all of his civilized ways, even speech, to live among the animals of the forest, provides a meeting ground between humanity and nature. Like the cougar, increasingly crowded by a rapidly encroaching civilization, he scavenges what preciously little remains of the beautiful animal in all of us.

North Shore Zone Festival Entry 2017

2000 will be part of the Theatre BC North Shore Zone festival of plays at Presentation House Theatre May 7-13, 2017. This annual week of theatre showcases plays presented by groups from Deep Cove to Squamish and all points in between. Established community drama groups will present plays from their seasons, alongside a secondary school, showing us the skill and talent of our up-and-coming thespians. The Festival Committee is thrilled this year to have that eminent theatre professional Kathryn Shaw from Studio 58 to adjudicate the productions. It will be a true learning experience for everyone involved and attending. NVCP will be presenting the comedy/drama 2000 as part of this festival and encourages all Hendry Hall patrons to come and support their entry—for a full line-up of productions. See Presentation House Theatre. Come and support your favourite club in this annual event.

2000 is produced by special arrangement with Pam Winter, Gary Goddard Agency

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“Concession workers [in the Pacific Coliseum] discovered a hungry cougar roaming the mezzanine.” Joan MacLeod’s brilliant and evocative play 2000 introduces us to a family in turmoil, situated between the polar axis of the urban and natural worlds, perched on the edge of the new millennium. It asks us where our loyalties lie: with our true nature or the polished image we publically project. Throughout the play, a cougar embodies the precarious and increasingly circumscribed state of nature. According to Joan MacLeod, her play 2000 grew out of a story she read about a cougar that had wandered into a sports arena in Vancouver. “I was intrigued by the notion of the wild invading the city and the city invading the wild, by the idea of things being not quite right in nature and the approach of the millennium.” It has been said that Joan MacLeod’s work is “like the tide coming in”. Gentle at first, its impact becomes overwhelming. So sit back and let the waves wash over you. – Stephen Torrence

Welcome to North Vancouver Community Players production of 2000. This play is our entry in the Theatre BC North Shore Zone Festival. If you have friends or family who were unable to see this show at Hendry Hall, please let them know they can come to Presentation House on May 11 and you can see it again too! We hope that you will leave Hendry Hall tonight having enjoyed a wonderful evening of live entertainment. If you would like to join into the fun on and off stage, please check out our website North Van Community Players under the section Volunteer. We would love to have you aboard! – Fran Heaney

<b>Cast</b><b>Crew</b><b>Production Info</b><b>About the Company</b>
Character Played by
Wyn Kathryn Ferguson
Sean Ryan Johnson
Nanny Karen Golden
Janine Laura Burke
Mountain Man Alex Ross
Producer and Director Stephen Torrence
Author Joan MacLeod
Stage Manager Matty Kelly
Assistant Stage Manager Jim Mainguy, and Jayden Lucas
Set Design Andy Jones-Cox, and Linda Sharp
Set Construction Lead Andy Jones-Cox
Set Construction Larry Dea, Tynan Dea, Bob Martin, and Joe Van Belois
Set Decorators Linda Sharp, Paul Hnatiw, and Robin Hilliard
Properties Karen Cresswell
Lighting and Sound Designer Jayden Lucas
Lighting and Sound Operator Leslie Thompson
Costumes Lead Julia Halabourda
Costumes Debbie Speight, Breeze Dampsy, and Shelley Smith
Make-Up Lawrence Coutrelle
Graphic Artist Linda Sharp
Publicity and Program Anne Marsh
Front-of-House Coordinator Maggie Kolodziej
Opening Night Catering/Decoration Marie Brazier, and Ray Boucher
Box Office Mitchell Mackay
Photographer Damon Calderwood
Videographer Paul Paterson
Original Performance Dates April 7 to 22, 2017
Venue The Theatre at Hendry Hall, North Vancouver, BC
Production Length 1 hour and 40 minutes
Production Style Comedy Drama
Special Thanks To Blanche Macdonald Makeup School
Stephen Torrence Director and Producer – As well as being a lighting designer, Stephen has been a producer, director, stage manager, sound and set designer. His directing credits include such plays as Jeffery Sweet’s Bluff, Lee Blessing’s Eleemosynary, Lanford Wilson’s Book of Days, James Valcq’s Zombies From The Beyond and Lee Blessings Two Rooms. Stephen has enjoyed working with this great cast and crew. He thanks them for their hard work. As always he is grateful to Karen for her patience, support and insight. Finally, he thanks the patrons who support community theatre.
Matty Kelly Stage Manager – Matty is a new volunteer to NVCP. He was the assistant stage manager for The Odd Couple (Female Version) last Fall and has joined 2000 as the stage manager. Matty has a strong interest in theatre from his high school days and is excited to take on the challenge of guiding the show through each performance. Matty thanks the cast and crew and especially his family for all their support.
Laura Burke Janine – Laura has been an actor since she was a young girl. She has performed in theatre, television and film in her career and will continue to strive for the big time! Laura is currently a working actor and producer in Vancouver. She worked with Stephen and Karen in last year’s festival entry of Two Rooms and is very excited to reunite with them again for a fun festival show! She hopes to see the lights of Mainstage again with this amazing cast and crew! She thanks you for supporting local theatre and hopes you enjoy the show!
Kathryn Ferguson Wyn – Kathryn is delighted to once again join NVCP in its production of 2000. This is her second show with the club following The Odd Couple (Female Version) in the Fall of 2016. Stepping back into the past to revisit the turn of the millennium has been an enlightening experience. In the year 2017, we continue to navigate our understanding of the relationship between nature and the urban landscape we encompass. Kathryn hopes that you enjoy the show, and she would like to extend a warm thank you to the entire cast and crew of the production.
Karen Golden Nanny – Karen is grateful for the opportunity to be on stage again after directing The Odd Couple (Female Version) for NVCP last Fall. Nanny is an especially fun and challenging character to play! Thanks must go to Stephen for the extra effort and dedication in bringing such a wonderful Canadian play to this stage, and to Karen’s mom, for being a loving, supportive presence in the audience once again.
Ryan Johnson Sean – Theatre. The alternate reality. These are the shows of one Ryan J Johnson. His continuing missions: To explore strange new characters. To seek out new artistry and expand creativity.  To boldly go where most actors haven’t gone before.
Alex Ross Mountain Man – Alex recently starred in the world premiere of Body and Soul for the Vagabond Players. Other acting credits include Bluff (NVCP), The Mystery Plays (NVCP) and Relatively Speaking (Deep Cove Stage Society). He studied at Thompson Rivers University.