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Our 2024 / 2025 Season

Join us for an unforgettable journey through a series of captivating performances that celebrate the art of storytelling and community spirit.

Upcoming Theatre Season Overview

Our 2024-2025 season promises a diverse array of productions, from heartwarming dramas to side-splitting comedies. This year, we are thrilled to present a mix of classic plays and contemporary works, ensuring there’s something for everyone.  Join us for a season filled with unforgettable moments and extraordinary storytelling.


By Peter Bloedel and Emily Kimball

Nick has a problem – his food keeps disappearing when he’s not around. So, he mounts a surveillance camera in his apartment to catch the thief, suspecting his friend/neighbour/aspiring magician and escape artist, Milo. Instead, he discovers Marnie, a mystery woman who is living in his kitchen cupboard after coming to New York to find out why her ex-fiancé abruptly broke off their engagement. After the video goes viral, Nick decides to host a meeting with her ex so she can find out what went wrong.

 September 6 – 21, 2024 Curtain 8:00pm

Preview September 5  Curtain 8:00pm

Matinees: Sept 14, 21  Curtain  2:00pm

What Is Murder?

By Ken Levine

Four former Jeopardy Champions gather for a weekend to fine tune their skills in preparation for the Tournament of Champions but, when one of the contestants is found murdered, it becomes a game of cat and mouse between three “brainiacs” and a wily detective, who also just happens to be a clairvoyant though he has a somewhat questionable ability of communicating with the dead. Comedy, clues and surprises await Jerome, a pharmacy financial “facilitator”, Nicole, a social media “Influencer”, Eustasia, a Goth wedding planner and Kyle an all-time Jeopardy Champion.

Oct 17 – Nov 2, 2024 Curtain 8:00pm

Preview October 17  Curtain 8:00pm

Matinees: Oct 26, Nov 2  Curtain  2:00pm


By Linda Sharp

A Laugh Out Loud (LOL) panto with a modern, independent Cinderella!  Although the Fairy Godmother wants to keep things “traditional” – craziness ensues.  Cinderella and the Prince have fallen in love in their video game – but they have never met in person.  Only creatively wicked stepsisters, a pumpkin shortage, Cinderella’s fierce refusal to wear uncomfortable shoes and a million other things stand in the way of their meeting.  Come and Boo the villains, cheer on Cinderella, and laugh at bridge traffic for once – a great family tradition!

 Nov 28- Dec 15, 2024 Curtain: 7:30pm

Preview November 28 Curtain 7:30pm

2:00pm and 4:00pm


By James Barclay

The lives of a young girl, Charlotte, and her mother, Tina, are facing upheaval and financial struggles after losing their home. They are rescued when their elderly neighbour Anne and her intellectually disabled adult son, Peter, offer them a place to stay. Through this act of kindness, an unexpected friendship blossoms, leading to transformative changes for all involved.

Wonderwall is a heartwarming and humorous tale that underscores the significance of kindness, companionship, community, and love in overcoming isolation and fostering meaningful relationships.

 Jan 31 – Feb 15, 2025 Curtain 8:00pm

Preview January 30  Curtain 8:00pm

Matinees: Feb 8, 15  Curtain  2:00pm

Marjorie Prime

By Jordan Harrison

It’s the year 2062 and artificial intelligence has solved all our problems. . . or has it created new ones? Jordan Harrison, the writer of the popular TV series Orange is the New Black, pushes our imaginations to the limit with this Pulitzer Prize nominee. Marjorie Prime illuminates what separates people from pixels: machines can be trained to copy what people do, but not how they feel. A science fiction story with heart. Theatre BC festival entry.

  April  4 – 19, 2025 Curtain 8:00pm

Preview April 3
Curtain 8:00pm

Matinees: Apr 12, 19  Curtain  2:00pm

Parlour games

By J.M. Barrie and A. A. Milne

An evening of two one-act comedies by the creators of Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh.

In The Twelve-Pound Look Barrie examines the timeless question, can a woman have it all? Can she be a wife, a mother and a lover? His solution will surprise and delight.

In Wurzel-Flummery Milne takes us into the world of politics and money. Tempted with a gift of £50,000, Robert Crawshaw MP has to decide what he is willing to give up. Could he sacrifice his morals and political beliefs? Could he change his name to …… Wurzel-Flummery?

 May 23 – Jun 7, 2025 Curtain 8:00pm

Preview May 22
Curtain 8:00pm

Matinees: May 31, Jun 7  Curtain  2:00pm

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