Dr. of OZ: The Self Help Panto!
Annual Christmas Pantomime

Written by Linda Sharp
Directed by Miles Lavkulich
Produced by Anne Marsh

– Sunday, September 10, 1-4 pm
– Tuesday, September 12, 7 pm-10 pm
– Call backs if needed – TBA

– In the Theatre at Hendry Hall, 815 11th Street East, North Vancouver

– No appointments necessary: first come, first served;
– All must be able to sing (or at least carry a tune), and be able to carry out physical comedy;
– Audition will be a cold read provided by the director and a song, either the performers’ choice or one provided by the director;
– All songs for the audition will be a cappella

– Starting on Sunday, September 24 and continuing on every Sunday and Wednesday in October
– An additional rehearsal on Tuesdays will be added in November
– Sundays 1–4 pm, Tuesdays 7–10 pm, Wednesdays 7–10 pm
– Not all performers will be required at all rehearsals
– Schedule conflicts will be accommodated as much as possible (with advance notice

– November 30 to December 17, 2017
– Performances take place Thursdays & Fridays @ 7 pm, Saturdays and Sundays @ 2 pm & 4 pm

Seasonal fun for the children. Dorothy travels over the mountains to the Magical Land of Oz, the land of self-help. She meets up with the Scarecrow, searching for the perfect diet, the Tin Man, who wants more time, and the Shy Lion, who wants to be an Internet Sensation. But the Yellow Brick Road isn’t an easy path, and they have to deal with the Wicked Witch and many horrible, horrible jokes!

– Non-Equity production
– Cast and crew will all be required to become paid up members of North Vancouver Community Players ($20 adults, $10 students and children)
– All roles are open to both male and female performers
– Performers of all ages are encouraged to audition.

Producer Anne Marsh ( or 604-980-5552.

Glitter – The Good Witch / Construction flag person Hippy with a good heart
Wicked Witch of the West A fast talker, very business-like, Evil Dame
Dorothy Grail A Farm Girl
Toto Dorothy’s dog, (a physical comedian)
Scarecrow A girl or young woman
Tin Man A man or boy approximately the same age as girl playing Scarecrow
Shy Lion Lovable fellow
Munchkins/Crows/Tourists (all played by younger children)
Witch Doctor/Flying Raccoon #1/Bearista One actor, any size and type
Prop person/Flying Raccoon #2 All played by another actor, any size, any type
Doctor of Oz Self help icon with his own problems
Black Sheep Stage hands/set movers/crowd leaders/general fill in people

Auditions are open to everyone, however, preference will be given to existing members of the North Vancouver Community Players (NVCP).

Successful auditioneers must become members of NVCP prior to first rehearsal.

Auditions Around Town

Centennial Theatre
Deep Cove Stage
First Impressions Theatre
SMP Dramatic Society
Theatre West Van